Monday, October 25, 2010

Cross your fingers

Hello gang,
The good news: Myself and another guy, Jay Bulckaert, are traveling with Alex, documenting his wild and woolly truck tour of the US (not the official tour name!). What are we going to have at the end of this? A road movie about Alex, his fans, and the huge truck he's touring in (the Red Giant).

The less good news: We're down to brass tacks now. Tonight's the night we're finally rolling the truck and trailer into lower Manhattan. It's been a full day and night of scouting routes, asking around with NYPD officers, and applying for permits. Now we've got a green light and what we think is the route that's going to work. If you see Alex and the truck rolling across the George Washington bridge, hoot and holler and let us know you're hoping we make it.

Once we get the big machine into the city, we'll all bunk up and get some shut-eye before Alex's appearance on Fox and Friends morning show. It'll be funny to see the crew roll out of the bunks in the truck right in front of Fox TV studios. That's the life of a trucker, I guess. If you're killing time in the morning while you eat brekky, tune into the show. You'll hear Alex's laugh which I'm learning is as good as 5 cups of coffee. In the meantime, cross your darn fingers that we get this big-rig-spectacle down into the heart of NYC.

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