Tuesday, October 19, 2010

"King of the Road" book tour kicking off today!

Hello everyone!  Today is the day...the official kick off of the
Alex Debogorski, King of the Road Book Tour!
We will be keeping you posted from the road so be sure to keep up with us!  Check back to see photos, videos, and comments that will be updated daily!

Today's kick off is being held in Two Rivers, WI starting at 4pm...it's open to the public so stop on by and wish Alex luck!

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  1. Alex, I got to start reading your book last night and I love the way you tell the story like a couple of drivers making hours and miles go by faster. The unusual pets you had when you were young made me smile. You are a very gifted storyteller and the way you tell the story of your adventurous life is great! Not just truck drivers will enjoy this book:) We hope you all have a fun and safe journey and we will be following you! You are a hit on Mr. H's blog too his sis Abby is jealous! (Hope that makes you laugh). Kim & Mr. H