Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Red Giant

Greetings from spectacular Las Vegas.

We got in later than we expected last night because of an unplanned tour stop in Salt Lake City, Utah. The compressor on the Red Giant started acting up so we had to pull off onto the thin shoulder of the humming interstate. The truck's driver and owner, Bryan Dax, spent three hours crawling around underneath and eventually resolved whatever ailed it. While he worked under the truck, his feet stuck out the side just far enough that I was worried they'd go the way of oh so many deer and skunk we've seen on highway 80 west and now 15 south.

That three hours on the side of the highway (in front of a big jail) was plenty of time for all kinds of people to stop. We had a visit from a local trucker who thought the breakdown was actually pretty lucky because without it he and Alex wouldn't have met. Prison guards, motorcycle riders, and a bunch of others either pulled-over or hopped the fence to make sure we were alright and had all the tools we needed. Everyone of those kind souls was rewarded with a bookmark and a couple of signed information brochures for Yellowknife and the Northwest Territories. It was a good stop. And it was good to get going again once the truck was sorted out.

A number of people have asked about the truck, so Jay and I put together a sort of "MTV Cribs" tour of the big machine. I'll let driver/owner Bryan Dax take it away...

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  1. Thanks for the tour.

    Enjoying the updates, particularly the sharing of cultural encounters such as the Nebraska game.

    All the best.