Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Home on the road

Just bunking down in Phoenix after a cannonball run from Los Angeles. Had an absolutely great time in LA. Saw a few familiar faces and sang a rough, but patriotic version of the Tragically Hip's, New Orleans is Sinking, at a karaoke bar in Little Tokyo. Also noticed that there are some incredibly eccentric characters that call California home. However, Alex, wearing his moccasins, cowboy hat and rawhide jacket, still stood out at the hipster lounges in Venice Beach and vegan eateries in Santa Monica. Something to behold, real talk.

We filmed a few cool scenes in LA. Spent plenty of time with Alex's management team which was interesting. He's got a hard talking agent, a young high-energy PR team and a thoughtful lawyer that all look after his affairs. There's also Alex's son/manager/corner-man, Curtis. Add the film crew to the mix and all of a sudden Alex is rolling with a pretty serious entourage.

Probably the highlight of LA was a half planned, half spontaneous meeting of Yellowknife's Hollywood contingent. The plan was for Alex to spend some time with 25 year old Yellowknife-raised actor, Dustin Milligan. Dustin rolled up to the beach in his beautiful old Ford pickup. After Alex gave him a pile of advice on how to get it running better, the two walked about 25 feet down the beach before bumping into Tobias Mehler. Tobias was locking up his bike and taking his surf board down to the water. I say this now, because when the movie is done people are going to call BS on the CHANCE meeting of three Yellowknife-to-Hollywood transplants at the beach in California. But it happened, and it was a complete fluke. Wild.

It was very cool to hear Alex and Dustin chat about the upsides and the downsides of the film and television industry. Also great to hear them long for the north country. And if all that wasn't enough, Dustin now knows that he needs to replace the timing belt on his truck.

Off to bed, got a busy day coming up in Phoenix: morning TV show, event at a truck-stop, an event at a bookstore, and then another cannonball run to Flagstaff. Good night all.

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  1. Phoenix, one of my favorite stamping grounds. Just as well your not there in the middle of summer;that place is hot.But plenty of truck stops out there so you can show off BIG RED. Alex should drop through Sodona on the way to Flagstaff, believe me you guys need to do it.The weather will be a lot colder up that way since your slowly climbing up the mountains on the 17 freeway. Oh yeah, Prescott is nice but maybe a little out of the way.