Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veterans/Remembrance day

Hello from chilly Flagstaff, Arizona. We drove here this morning from Phoenix down Veterans' Highway.

I've noticed plenty of times that military people gravitate to Alex and in a way, vice versa. Alex asked a number of times where and when we might be able to sit in on a Veterans Day ceremony, but we came up empty handed. And so we pulled out of Phoenix this morning on the beautiful Black Canyon Highway. About 80 miles out it turned into Veterans Highway. A good day to drive down that road and have some time to think about war and sacrifice and peace.

I asked Alex about his relationship with service men and women and he said there seems to be some mutual admiration and respect. It does seem that a lot of people in uniform come up to Alex and say how much they appreciate the show and that they are impressed by the danger. Maybe one of the only things that makes Alex blush is being told how dangerous his job is by a soldier.

When we pulled into Flagstaff, we sat down for a bite. In the time it took us to eat our lunch the street outside the restaurant filled up with people waving signs and flags. I saw signs that said "We are here for Matt." Turns out "Matt" was 22 year-old Matthew Broehm, who died in Afghanistan on November 4th. His remains arrived home in Flagstaff today, according to a local paper.

So one way or another we had our chance to observe and reflect on November 11th.

Tomorrow we're off on a roundabout trip: to Jamestown, New Mexico, by way of a stop at the southeastern end of the Grand Canyon. Lucky us. Take care, gang.

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