Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving in Texas

Howdy Gang. Hope this finds everyone well. Thanksgiving is just about upon us and we're hanging out in Texas. After a stop at the George Bush Airport to pick up Alex's wife, Louise, we're all going to head down to Corpus Christi for a home cooked meal. It'll be the first in a month.

Alex's sister Simone and her (truck driving) husband Dave live down there on the gulf coast and have been kind enough to set two extra places at their table for Jay and I. Simone even went so far as to check in with me before hand to ask what's my favourite kind of pie. I said I'd eat whatever she made, which is true, but Simone, if you're reading this, my absolute fave is pumpkin.

The picture here is from a great guy we were lucky to meet in San Marcos, Texas. His name is Lamar. He opened Lamar's Barber Shop in 1972, the same year Alex started driving truck for a living. Alex had a trim and a hot shave at Lamar's under the watch of John Wayne, who's image is plastered on just about every wall in the shop. Lamar told us the story about this past August when he was working in the yard and was stung by 1200 bees. This thanksgiving, the people of San Marcos are all lucky Lamar is still around to cut hair and tell stories.

As Thanksgiving is a great time to reflect on the kindness and generosity that people have bestowed on us during this trip, I've been thinking a lot about Texas and Texans. Like people from anywhere, the state and its people have developed an identity. Part of it is the wild west, cowboy thing, but another big part of it is kindness.

When you drive into the state, the speed limit drops by 5 miles an hour and you're asked to drive like a Texan: friendly-like. Everyone we have met makes a huge effort to be friendly. Neighbourly, you might call it. People stop us and say, "I hope everyone here in Texas has been awful welcoming to y'all." It's a great trait to build a state's identity around. And it has been obvious in our Texas travels that people are serious about it. So, among many other things (like family, friends, my lady, and safe travels) I'm grateful for the warm, neighbourly hospitality of Texans.

Happy thanksgiving to all.


  1. Love it and I can hear you telling me this story with that Texan accent you make sometimes. Neighbourly accent...One Love!

  2. Have a great time with the family in Texas. Bobby Boofay and I are looking forward to seeing you all next week in Tennessee! Be Safe and GOD Bless You!