Sunday, November 28, 2010

Too late and too many miles to say a lot tonight. We're shacked up at a Motel 6 in Mississippi. I can confirm that Thanksgiving in Corpus Christi was out of this world. We picked up Louise in Houston and drove south to the coast. When we pulled in, we were bag piped into town by Alex's nephew Tim. He piped two tunes: "The Clumsy Lover" and "Itchy Fingers," both were dedicated to Alex. I did not ask why.

Alex's sister Simone, her husband Dave and their sons Adam and Tim opened up their home to Alex, Louise, Jay, myself and three visiting university students: two from Taiwan and one from Saudi Arabia. The exchange students were part of a larger group that were farmed out to local Corpus Christi families so that they could experience a "typical American Thanksgiving." Not sure who's definition of "typical" the Debogorski/Hardy gathering would have lived up to, but it was great.

Before the big meal, Alex, Louise, Jay and I all spent some time down at the beach. Nice to dip our toes in the gulf. The beach and the home cooked meal were a healthy break from the road. And it was nice to be around while Alex and Louise had time to relax and catch up. Adding Louise to our team for a few days shaped us all up. Now that we've said goodbye to Louise, and we all realize that a woman's presence helps keep our team on track, we've switched the voice in the GPS to "Jessica." Her Australian accent is just a bonus.

Tomorrow we'll arrive in Nashville in time for a 6pm radio gig for Alex. He's co-hosting the Billy Block show, which should be available on the web here.

That's all for now. Have a good night.

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